Preparing for a Cross Country Move.

So it’s taken me a while of planning, debating, and list making but if all goes to plan I will be moved into Burbank, California on October 1st. I’m from New Jersey, it’s going to be a big move.

Why am I moving to California? Well I attempt to do stand up comedy, improv, and acting but I’ve been really lazy with it these passed few months. While I do live a mere 20 minutes away from Manhattan it is a hassle getting to the city. It’s a 20 minute drive but a 45 minute train ride and an hour bus ride and I’m lazy. Manhattan is expensive. Plus I do have an itch to get out of here, people have been bringing me down, it’s time for me to start anew. So while I say it’s for my career it’s also for myself. To start off fresh, make new friends, and get out of my rut. I’m nervous, yeah, but it hasn’t really hit me yet.

Though while it hasn’t hit me that doesn’t mean I haven’t started making plans. So, here’s a list of things I think you should do to get ready for a big move.

1. Job hunt. (If you don’t have one already there.) – I don’t have a job out there but I will need one, so I’ve been hitting up a few websites like and Monster. I already went on two interviews when I was out there looking for apartments, both went well so we shall seeee.

2. Get rid of the old stuff. – Even if you’re not moving cross country like me you still can’t pack everything. I’ve recently decided to start to sell my stuff on Ebay. Just a few clothes and accessories, but it helps get rid of some old stuff but also make some more cash for the move.

3. Calculate the Cross Country Costs. – Driving across country, while it does save you money from buying a new car and shipping stuff, does cost a lot of money. Calculate the cost of gas and tolls. Even if you don’t have the exact numbers estimate. That’s what I did, just get the mileage, see how much gas fits in your tank, estimate an average gas cost, etc. Just so you know how much money to bring on the road.

4. Make lists of what to bring. – I have a lot of stuff – clothes, dvds, books, etc. Not all of it will fit in my little neon, so I’ve been making lists of what DVDs and everything to bring with me. It realy helps narrow stuff down.

5. Mentally prepare for a big change. – Yeah moving may be exciting but it’s going to be huge change, and for someone like me that has only lived on my own while dorming, it’s going to be a huge culture shock, so prepare mentally that everything won’t like the movies or all you hoped it would be. Just stay positive because you’ll get used to it, everything is always hard at first but ends up being awesome. If it isn’t awesome at least you can say you tried. 🙂


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