Entertaining yourself on longggg road trips.

As you guys know I recently, specifically about two weeks ago,went on a cross country road trip from New Jersey to California. Unfortunately it was only about four days long because 1: being that I am moving out and am newly on the job market again I had to conserve my money and couldn’t make it a full fledged road trip and 2: I had to get there by the first so it couldn’t be that long anyway. We saw some major sights you know Nashville, Tulsa (I’m a Hanson fan, it is my Graceland okay), and of course the Grand Canyon. But it was a lot of driving. We would drive 15 hours in one day. So, if you’re preparing for a road trip here’s some ideas to keep yourself entertained in the car.

1. Start a travel journal.
 – I’m a firm believer in travel journals. I don’t usually have regular journals because my life can be boring but when traveling I want to look back and remember exact moments, people, places, things, so I always bring it with me. It’s also a great item for your friends and family to look back on. Recently I had relatives visit from England and Doreen who’s 60+ read her mom’s travel journal to learn and re-read about family visits that she had. I hope my children do the same with mine.

2. Have your iPad, iPod, whatever ready fully charged and filled with movies and music.
Sometimes the sights can be boring so a movie is a great filler. As is music when you’re driving and almost falling asleep. It’s great to sing along to loud, fun songs to keep up your energy. I sure did.

3. Bring lots of book and magazines. Again, they’re both great fillers.

4. Bring your work. Having a blog and being away from my computer for a while I kind of fell behind. But I made sure to brainstorm during the road trip and create lists of what to write about. As well as use my iPad to begin writing some posts because you don’t always need the internet to begin writing posts. Do the same, it’s a great way to stay on top of your work.

5. Nap. Traveling is exhausting, especially driving a lot and sleep is awesome.

6. Have your camera ready. Our country is a beautiful place and you’d be surprised how many gorgeous things you see driving by. In Arizona we practically drove through a mountain, it was insanely beautiful and I took about 25 billion pictures of it, haha.

7. If you are a girl, bring girly things. Like nail polish, makeup, tweezers. Again a great time filler. I tweezed my eyebrows along the way as well as put my makeup on before we landed in our next destination. I couldn’t polish my nails though, my mom probably would’ve killed me because of the smell.

8. Don’t forget snacks! I’m big on snack packing for traveling. I packed a ton of fruit, bars, nuts, everything. It’s great because sometimes you’re not hungry for 3 meals or sometimes you don’t have time to stop for lunch so you snack in between while you’re driving.

9. Games like crosswords and even I spy. Play solo games like crosswords and sudoku by yourself for filler or interact with your buddy and play ispy and those fun games. Of course sometimes when you’re in the desert you don’t see much, but driving through cities and civilization it’s fun.

10. Enjoy the drive. Sometimes you don’t have to do anything but just take everything in. Driving cross country can be stressful but it also can be soothing and driving with a friend or family member can be awesome. So enjoy every bit of it.


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