Getting Pumped for Fitness #1.

I don’t know about you but I sure as heck need something to pump me up to work out.. I’ve been out here for almost a month and went to the gym two days out of that whole month (it was a 3 day pass).

#1 Stop Making Excuses!

That’s one thing that I am super guilty of. I always say “Oh I’m poor, I can’t afford it now” or “It’s been a busy week, I’ve been meaning to join but I haven’t had the time.” Even, “I don’t like this gym as much as my old gym.” Yo, this gym has a POOL, my old gym didn’t. (But my old gym had a girl’s area which I liked instead of being looked at like a piece of meat when I lift weights, just sayin’.)

Just stop it, stop it and go already! There’s always an extra hour to spare somewhere in your day and that’s really all you need. Yeah gyms can be pricey but it pays off in the end because you’ll be looking smokin’ hot and who knows you may find a sugar daddy to pay for everything (hahaha, yeah okay, but you never know!). Nobody likes starting to work out but everyone loves finishing. Keep thinking about that and maybe that’ll change your mind to push it in the gym.


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