Life Update.

Hey guys, so as you all know I moved to Los Angeles all the way from New Jersey almost a month ago. I know can you believe it? But I figured I’d give you all a little life update for me.

So, LA what can I say? I actually really, really, really, really, really love it. Everyone is so nice here, it is a land full of great opportunity, I am bonding with family that I love but probably would never be close with had I not moved out here. I’m meeting amazing people, making connections, movin’ and shakin’, living the dream, man.

I moved out here for acting like the billion people that do on a daily basis, but so far I’ve been pretty lucky. I’ve been doing a lot of audience work and getting paid for it. I went on Dr. Drew’s Halloween Special and won a free camera and speakers and was bit by him! (He was a vampire.) So hopefully I’ll be on TV there but if I’m not…

I am going to be on a TV show, not sure if I can tell you all about it yet, it’s nothing major but pretty funny still. I film it on Thursday, pretty pumped.

I also filmed a bit in a film today and I’ve been making some connections. Making some friends who are actors like me, all that fun stuff.

My roommates are awesome, seriously. I have nothing bad to say about them, I’ve been super lucky.

I need to explore more but I’m sure the more I meet people the more I’ll see more things. But the weather is great and where I live is lovely.

There is one negative: THE WORST DRIVERS. EVER. Yes, I’m from NJ and yes we are super aggressive but these drivers are soooooo SLOW. And when it rains? Forget it! It’s like the end of the world to them!

But other than that, LA is awesome, be prepared for some photos soon!

How’s life for you guys? How’s your fall? Are you as pumped for Halloween as I am???


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  1. Congrats on making the big move! Looking forward to following along on your adventures 🙂

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