Thoughts from an airplane #1: Best Movie of 2011

This was written at around midnight on my iPad flying about 40,000 feet from the ground:

Can we just talk about something random? I just watched one of the, if not arguably the best movie of 2011. I am stuck on an airplane right now without Internet or any connection to the human world aside from my single-serving friends who, unfortunately, did not watch the film. So I’m stuck. I’m stuck or awakened (which isn’t good because i should be napping) with all these thoughts and feelings and motivation. What movie did I watch? I know you’re all dying to know and you will be very very surprised to hear the answer: Crazy, Stupid, Love. I know, what you’re thinking: Chick flick, but hear me out! It isn’t at all. Yes the character connections are hugely unrealistic. The title is dumbed down and simplistic. And, the worst thing, it is a romantic comedy. I hate romantic comedies, I may even go far enough to say I loathe them, but this movie was perfect. The acting, can I say Steve Carrell is an insanely underrated actor? He can do slapstick and be a Will Ferrell in films like Dinner for Schmucks and Anchorman but he can also portray such honest, Regular Joes like…I don’t even know who. Ryan Gosling, I didn’t understand the appeal of him, now I know. Emma Stone…I sometimes wonder if I dye my hair red would we be the same person. The younger kids too were amazing! The son, man, he was great. But it was the film in general that did me in, the jokes, the serious moments, everything was great. You really connected with the characters and believed the twists and turns. The dialogue was pretty well written. And what it comes down to was that the film overall was just adorable and honest. From a person who prefers Jim Carrey over Matthew Mcconahey (I know I slaughtered his last name but I can’t google it to find the right way to spell it, okay??), it really brought out the girly girl in me. It really made a nonbeliever believe in love, that is the best way I can describe this film. 

Go and see Crazy, Stupid, Love I promise you won’t regret it.


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One response to “Thoughts from an airplane #1: Best Movie of 2011

  1. Matt Stewart

    It was a great film indeed. Maybe not hilarious, but the well rounded cast and likeable characters bring this film to life! Oh, and it has a heart, unlike most modern comedies…

    Nice work!

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