Planning 2012 Adventures!

As you guys know I love traveling and with 2012 so close I can almost taste it, the chance for another year of traveling just gets me excited once again. Last year though I did have more money, working a steady semi-full time job and living at home. Plus the job was nice cash money. This year I have to pay rent and I just lost my job, but that doesn’t stop me! I’m a saver and I have plenty of money to travel somewhere new and exciting. If all goes to plan I will see these lovely places:

1. Miami – My friend lives down there and it would be nice to visit her as well as see a new place. I would love to finally go to the city where my main man Big Will rapped you can party in the city where the heat is on, all night on the beach til the break of dawn.

2. Costa Rica – Another one of my friends live here but she said to bring a friend because she does work full time. I believe she lives in Santo Domingo. I heard it’s beautiful there and I have been DYING to go. Once I find a buddy that can come with me, I am so there! I haven’t seen her in ages and it would be really nice.

3. Brazil – I know a bunch of people that live in Rio and one awesome girl that lives in San Paolo so it would be super awesome to see them. I was extremely lucky in my travels to Spain and Portugal last year where I met some incredible people. It’s also pretty incredible how facebook can be a great, wonderful tool in keeping in contact with them since a few live in other countries. It would be lovely to see them again. Plus I have been DYING to go to Rio de Janero.

4. San Fransisco – I live pretty close to it now and I keep hearing it is a beautiful city. My one friend wants to see it and my mom wants to come and visit and see it so hopefully one of those two will actually be down in going with me! I really wish megabuses existed on the West Coast.

5. Hawaii?? – My mom just mentioned this to me, I’m not sure if she’s really realistic about this. But she said when my family comes and visits in the summer they’re going to use my dad’s vacation check and we’re going to go to Hawaii since it is pretty close to Cali. I REALLY REALLY HOPE THIS HAPPENS.

So hopefully, 2012 will be fun and packed with crazy awesome travel adventures like 2011! I am so excited for the future! 🙂

How about you guys any travel plans?


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