Book and Film Recommendations.

Hey guys, so as you know I am taking part in both 50 books and 365 films in year. So far I’ve been doing quite well with the books, I need to catch up on the movies, but that’s easy. But I figured I’d give you some recommendations in case you’re in a reading/watching slump.

Book Recommendation:
Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins – I just read her other book Lola and the Boy Next Door, it was pretty good but I felt it was trying to hard to be as good as AATFK. AATFK is a great YA read. Simple, sweet, and down to earth. It is sort of romantic but in an honest way. Plus using Paris as a backdrop just makes you love it more. Stephanie writes in a way where it’s hard not to connect and feel for her characters in both books, but I just loved Anna a lot more than Lola. Maybe it was the Paris thing.

Film Recommendation:
The Aviator – There really aren’t many movies in theatres now that I want to see but plenty of movies to rent. One excellent film to watch is The Aviator. If you want to go back and rewatch nominated Oscar films to get you in the Oscar spirit this is a great start off. I think it was robbed for Best Picture and possibly even Best Actor. Leo’s performance as Howard Hughes is insane. It is a long film with a slow start, but it quickly picks up pace and depicts a crazy transformation with Hughes and the ending just leaves you wanting more. Watching a film like this is great too if you want to become an actor because it is all about Leo’s performance which is just incredible.

How about you guys? What books and movies do you recommend for me to watch and read? I’m always open to suggestions!



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2 responses to “Book and Film Recommendations.

  1. Oh I adored the Aviator! Such a spectacular performance by Leo and excellent directing by Martin Scorcese. I recommend you try watching Good Will Hunting, The Shawshank Redemption and Into the Wild. All three are sublime. 🙂

    • Agreed! I actually tivo’d Shawshank so I will be watching it soon, I definitely need to rent Good Will Hunting though. I watched Into the Wild and didn’t really like it, the book is great though. Thanks though for the recommendations!! 🙂

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