Start Eating Healthy #2: Start a Food Log!

Well guys, I know I may seem like a health nut but I’m not. I am a chocoholic. I also sometimes don’t know how to stop eating and continue doing so until I’m super full and bloated. Especially on the weekends. Thus I’m creating a food log. People always say it’s best to create one because logging your food kind of opens your eyes to what you’re putting into your body and all that stuff. I’ve done it before and it doesn’t neccessarily work all the time. I also slack with it and end up stopping it. Thus, I’m switching it up and much like my books and movies, I’m going to create a log on here of what I’ve eaten. I feel like telling the world what I eat will kind of embarrass me into eating better. I hope this works, I also definitely recommend you guys to create a log either for yourself or in blog format. If you’re curious check out my food log here or under “What I Ate Today” above. I’m hoping this will work, haha.

I hope you guys don’t mind me adding all these logs on here, I kind of use this blog as a variety personal blog. I love books, movies, and making an attempt to eat healthy and work out. So I hope you guys enjoy my personal journeys on all of them. 🙂


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