BEDA: Things I Can Do.

You probably noticed that I make a lot of to-do lists. Whether they are books to read, movies to watch, or goals to accomplish they are always things to do or what I need to do, but what about what can I do? Here are some pretty simple but useful things that I actually can do.

1. Reading – I have been an avid reader since forever. Many people quit or just don’t read outside of school but I prefer it. I never liked reading for school because the books never were as good or at least you didn’t think so because you were being forced to read them.

2. Creating ideas – Throughout or well with these passed few months acting and writing a sketch comedy show I realized one thing: I come up with some pretty funny ideas. Yes, putting them onto paper may be different and I do get a lot of help from my cast mates but hey at least I create a good start off point.

3. Figuring out public transportation – I didn’t realize this was a skill until I studied abroad and my over flat mate had no clue how to use the tube. No matter where I am, whether the country speaks English or not, I can still figure out their public transportation. I guess it is because I grew up next to the best city in the world, but I still think it is a pretty nifty skill.

4. Make money – Getting a real full time job is becoming increasingly more difficult, I myself don’t have one anymore and it is driving me crazy! But that doesn’t mean I’m not trying to make money other ways. Whether it us background work, babysitting, even working at Home Depot, I will take nearly any crappy job that pays until I eventually find a better one. I’m not a complainer, I will take what I can get.

So there are some things I can do. What about you?


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