BEDA: Saturdays.

You know those days that you don’t want to do anything but still have so much work to do? What are they called again? Oh yeah, Saturdays.

Today I have to go to an interview, 2 shows later, and write write write. I woke up nearly 2 hours ago to begin this process and I am still in my pajamas. Why? Because sometimes you just don’t want to do anything. There are things like basketball players playing the game loudly outside your window that force you to wake up and begin said processes but still, it is hard man! I’ve had a busy week and I need to chill. What do you do in certain situations like this?

For me it is kind of the opposite, I wake up earlier than I need to because I know I am going to be slower moving. And because the basketball players, but that is besides the point. Then I chill for a bit, take time to make breakfast and relax. Sometimes you have to just wake up early in order to relax. I know that doesn’t make much sense. But it works out in the end. Then you slowly get motivated to do what you have to do instead of rush and feel miserable the entire day.

How about you guys? How do you get motivated when you don’t want to?


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