BEDA: Interior Frustration.

I have secretly always admired interior designers. I always thought it was so easy decorating your house but then again I have never really lived in my own house aside from dorms where you can’t even put holes in the walls. Plus the previous 6 months I have lived on the west coast the house was fully furnished. My new apartment is pretty furnished but also pretty empty at the same time and it is kind of frustrating me because I have no idea what to do with it.

As you can see there is a tiny love seat which I secretly don’t like but don’t have the heart to tell my new roommate partly because I don’t want to hurt her feelings but also partly is because um, I’ve only lived here 10 days and can’t take over the whole freaking place yet, you know? But I want a futon, desperately. There will be more space and people can stay over and it would be lovely. I am sure there can be some way we can have the love seat and futon right?

But I am at a wall. What do you put in a living room that isn’t a television? How do you spice up the walls without putting too, too many holes?

My old roommates, a married couple, recently rented a home for themselves and it looks so cute and adorable. That’s because Maryna is great with interior decorating and just decorating in general, I mean even the front yard is lovely. It just comes natural to her, I guess. But me, I’ve been looking on World Market’s website, went to Ikea, and I still have no ideas. Any tips, guys?

I think it’s also because I’m hesistant to decorate a place I share with my roommate, I mean I decorated my room and it looks pretty cool, right?

I just am stuck. How do you get inspired to decorate?


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