BEDA: Exciting Events!

Well this weekend definitely wasn’t my most exciting weekend. I was a bit depressed and totally failed at a talent thing. But aside from that there are many things to look forward to. Whenever I feel sad I always look forward to the future. There are two huge things coming up for me and they are:

1. Coachella! – Yes I am going to Coachella. Being the girl I am, I am more excited about dressing up for Coachella. I am pumped to dress up like a hippy. To be honest, the line up doesn’t look too exciting to me but I didn’t pay for tickets I am actually volunteering for the Global Inheritance. They are haven’t a TRASHed tent where people bring their used water bottles and get a new one to promote recycling! It’s pretty exciting, I have never volunteered for a music festival before so yeah, pretty pumped!

2. Miami! – Yup, I’m going to Miami! While I was sick on Easter I did my taxes and I was quite happy with the result so I bought tickets to see my friend in Miami. I am super pumped. I’m also nervous because I haven’t worked out in a while and I’m going in uh less than three weeks (I’m going for Cinco de Mayo!). So that means I have to kick it in gear to get a beach body. But it is going to be such a great time, I’ve never been before. If anyone has and wants to give me some tips on what to do/see let me know!

So yes, just thinking of those two things really does perk me up about the future. What about you guys? What do you do when you’re sad?


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