BEDA: Solo Adventure!

This past few weeks have been such a blur from being super busy to being super sick it was perfect to finally get a day off. I slept late and then I went on an adventure! I went on this crazy hike.

I nearly climbed up a mountain thankfully someone else did it before me and tied a rope to a root so I didn’t die.

But still apparently 127 Hour had the opposite effect on me. Instead of telling anyone where I was I just went and it was awesome. It just makes me want to do more extreme stuff! Plus it was so, so pretty! Look you can even see LA in the distance!

After that I continued hiking but mainly on trails but I did find a lovely stream and did get my shoes even dirtier. But um, totally worth it!

But after this crazy hike I think I may seriously need to invest in hiking sneakers because wearing this soggy, dirty sneakers to the gym tomorrow might be a little difficult.

Guess you really can’t see it, but they are filthy!

Overall though it was a totally awesome hike. My phone died though right before I reached the waterfall which was disappointing! I was going to continue on but I had to go back because of my phone dying. Not because I didn’t want 127 Hours to happen but because I was recording my workout and didn’t want to continue much further without having it record it. I know stupid, but I like having that okay! Overall it was awesome, I definitely recommend going on a solo adventure, preferably a hike, with just yourself once in a while.


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