BEDA: The Five Year Engagement.

Thursday I actually went to a free screening of The Five Year Engagement which, by the time you read this, came out yesterday, Friday the 27th. While it’s not up there in my favorite movies everrr. It is one of my current favorites and I do highly recommend the film but let me just say it may be because I am kind of bias.

I mean I find the entire cast incredibly endearing, that is my bias. I just can’t not love them all. Even Alison Brie and her mediocre British accent, I mean she’s Annie guys! And Chris Pratt is always awesome. They really know how to reel the NBC sitcom viewers in by having two stars from their shows in it. Alison from Community and Chris from Parks and Rec. But even the main stars. I’ve decided this, I don’t know when, but I love Emily Blunt. She just seems great and her character in this, she tries to make everyone happy. Sure she may not be right all the time, but you can tell she means well and just wants to do what is right. I’m just going to say one thing: Princess Diana, whoever thought of that was a genius! Jason Segel is great too, this character is his niche though, let’s be honest. I enjoyed the storyline and I liked at the end how they didn’t really take the easy way out. The story seemed very real. There were a lot of laughs though, so many good ones that I refuse to give away because you need to see it. I may have liked it more than Bridesmaids but I also have a personal vendetta against Melissa McCarthy so that may be why.

Overall, just go and see it. Please, even if you are a dude, see this instead of The Raven. Let’s not talk about my thoughts on The Raven and how my love of John Cusack is now being questioned by my own mind. The Five Year Engagement if anything may be harmed by their promos because it’s not a wedding movie at all. It’s a romantic comedy but more comedy than cheesy romance. It’s a movie about the limbo of relationships between married and not. See it, you will be glad you did, I promise!


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