BEDA: Goodbye.

Well, April has been a crazy month but I am glad that I blogged everyday in a more exciting month rather than a boring one. Fortunately, as this month ends a new, equally exciting month begins. Just as I finish writing this blog I have to pack for my week long trip to Miami. I’m pretty excited about it.

I hope you guys enjoyed the blog every day in April, if you didn’t then I’m sorry but don’t worry I won’t be blogging every day for quite some time. Let me know your thoughts though and if you want to see any more of a certain subject on my blog.

Overall this is what I did today:

It may not look like much but man it is super difficult shoving in a weeks worth
And I’m still working on it:

I also went to 2 gym classes today, aww yeah yeah, I’m slowly becoming addicted once again to Spin and Body Pump. They’re SO GOOD.

Well, I apologize for this mediocre post but I just found out Spirit charges more to carry on your bag then check it in so it looks like I’ll be working more on packing tonight. Hooraaaaaayyyy.


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