Things I have learned from a ten-year old.

Hey guys! Hope you had an awesome, awesome Memorial Day weekend! I actually went down to visit my cousin and her family on Monday for a barbeque. She has a ten year old daughter who is super awesome. I’m not a big baby person but I’m starting to realize I do kind of like kids around that age. I feel like they’re more fun than adults, more honest, and are really hungry to learn more about everything. I don’t think I ever lost this hunger for knowledge so I think maybe that’s why I relate more to them. Plus it is really cool to teach them and realize that some of the knowledge you really thought was random like why flamingos are pink, really make a difference to them.

I also learned that reading is super important. Skylar reads 30 minutes a night, last night I tried to incorporate this and started to get really, really tired only ten minutes in. Granted, I did read before going to sleep, so maybe that is why. But I plan on incorporating this more into my life and maybe not do it right before bed.

I learned that boys vs girls is a big difference. Wearing a skirt and playing basketball is weird and you have to prove yourself, but I did and I think the boys ended up liking me more for it.

I learned having fun is super important, more so than talking about school or work, at least on holidays and vacations. Just have a British accent and play coconut bowling, you deserve it especially after working so hard.

I wish I took pictures to show you my amazing time but I didn’t. Sorry guys. Maybe next time.

But take kids more seriously, they know a lot, and it’s better to hang out with them than doing that whole “So what do you do?” convo with all the strangers you meet only once at BBQs.


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