Work Crackdown.

Hey guys, I have been super busy lately and I apologize for not posting as many substantial blogs as usual. I have been going on interviews, visiting family and all that fun stuff. But while I have been busy I have been also slacking on this blog, my other blog, writing, acting, and pretty much everything else. I swear I was busy though! Just not creatively I’d say. So, in order to crackdown on work I organized my desk this evening. And now it looks like this:

Just so clean and organized! I am so proud of myself. Though this probably won’t last. I tend to accumulate papers and pens in like 24 hours. But let’s zoom in on those papers hanging up, shall we?

Yup, to-do lists! I hope I stick to them. I saved some room in case I need to add more tasks, too.

Hopefully adding these to-do lists that are staring at me point-blank in the face will motivate me more to get my work done.

How about how you guys? What motivates you to crack down on work?



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3 responses to “Work Crackdown.

  1. For work it is feeling as if the people for whom I work value and appreciate my contribution. If I feel like a just another drone, then I tend to slack off. When it comes to blogging, it is view count. When I miss a few days, and it starts to go down, I start to feel like I’m not upholding my end of the blogging/reader contract. Everything else falls into the grey area of “when I feel like it”.

  2. Looks like you are off to a really good start. but don’t say that the organization won’t last….. As you accumulate your pens & paper, just find the right place for them and put them in a place when you are done. A little order, helps you to stay focused! As you get stuff done, you are usually motivated to do more. 🙂

  3. Thanks Candy for the optimism, so far it is going good though! And Urbannight, totally feel you on the drone thing, especially slacking off with your blog it definitely hurts when you miss even one day.

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