Summer Hiatus in Exercise.

While my life has been AWESOME in other ways the past, literally like two weeks, my exercise and healthy eating regimen has taken a downfall. Does this ever happen to you in the summer? The past two weeks has been filled to the brim with immense fun. Week 1 I cannot speak of what I did, as stated in the previous post, but I met a few of the best people on earth, week two consisted of cat sitting in San Diego and a wonderful visit from my mom. Both weeks consisted also of relaxing in the sun, chilling out, exploring, eating a lot, and not really exercising. Thus this week, I am stepping it up a notch. Every day, aside from tomorrow in which I will be working 10 hours (but I will be on my feet so that counts for something right?), but other than that day I will be working out every day this week to make up for it. Exercise classes like pilates, body pump, cycle, nike training camp, and just running and the treadmill. I nearly finished my leftovers too, so healthy eating here I come!

How about you guys? Do you ever slump with exercise and healthy eating? I mean I was basically on vacation so that’s why. But still.


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