August Addictions.

Well August is over, how crazy is that? Fall is upon us…but let’s not talk about that. Let’s talk about my monthly favorite things!

1. Swimming
Ever since the Olympics I’ve been addicted. I had the Olympic fever! Nope, scratch that, the Phelps Fever! By addicted I mean I’ve gone twice but I’ve also swam at the beach too. I plan on going again tomorrow night, make it a weekly thing. It’s the best exercise for you and just always so fun. You can get sick of running and weights but honestly, I cannot get sick of swimming.

2. Frozen Grapes
It’s been super hot out and instead of grabbing my $2.99 pint of Ben and Jerry’s (yes, I scored a pint for only $2.99, big ups to Smart and Final!) I’ve reached for some frozen grapes instead. Yes, I do eat a buttload but they’re sooooo good and super great for hot nights, even when you’re thirsty or want something sweet. Such easy snacks and still so delicious!

3. Revlon Dream Matte Mousse Foundation
I ran out of my MAC Studio Tech and I’ve been too cheap to buy a new one so I resorted to this. I hate buying drug store foundation and face makeup because I never know what color I am. Turns out I did get the wrong color but it still works, if that makes sense. It is a weird consistency but I just dab the tip of my finger in it and work it onto my face, it looks super smooth and feels really light. Definitely recommended especially if you like Studio Tech. I’m not a huge powder girl.

4. Newsroom
LOVE this show. I am super behind but it is a great cast. I’m not a huge fan of Mackenzie but the supporting cast is brilliant. Way to make it Dev Patel now Slumdog won’t be the only thing you will be remembered for. I really appreciate a show that tries to work politics, government, and just news into a serious drama. Way to inform the public even if it is based a few years back. And Jeff Daniels is super awesome.

What were your August favorites?


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  1. Oooh, Frozen Grapes sound yummy! Also loving The Newsroom, but I’ve only seen a couple of episodes so far.

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