Sick Night.

So over the course of the last twenty four hours I became sick. I don’t know how, I don’t know why, butwhat I do know is I DON’T LIKE IT. Though spending a night in can be quite therapeutic. Yes, I did have to stop a few hundred times to blow my nose. Yes, I ate soup and couldn’t have dairy or ice cream. Yes, tea, OJ, and water with lemon are the only things I will be drinking until I recover but man you can get a lot of work done! And by work done I mean:

1. Catch up on the VMA’s and realize that just when you think the music in today’s society couldn’t get any worse…Taylor Swift comes out with a new song. Live tweet throughout.

2. Make some tea.

3. Watch youtube videos for hours, including a music video to a Miley Cyrus song that came out two years ago you didn’t even know existed.

4. Sort through email.

5. Blow your nose.

6. Apply for three jobs.

7. Finally finish the character bios to your show and work on the beat sheet and script some more.

I’m mainly happy about the last one because I was being really lazy with the bios. Now that I am on the beat sheet I can plan and sort and slowly put together the script. I am not sure if I told you readers that I am working on a show but I am. I’m pretty excited about it because I think it is a great idea and I really hadn’t had a great show idea in a while since I took a screenplay class in college. Writing for TV was my favorite class because it was super thorough you know character bios, beat sheets, story lines, scripts, etc. and doing all that work really motivates you to work more if that makes sense. I like planning instead of walking in blindly on a script and winging it. I did that with a feature script and never finished it. But working on the beat sheets basically is writing the script without dialogue so you can plan what is going to happen next. But yeah, I am rambling. But I’m excited! I can’t tell you guys my idea, mainly because I don’t want you to steal it (not going to lie), but isn’t it awesome when you think of great ideas and it just inspires you to put them into fruition and make something out of them?

Case and point: Being sick is not the worst thing in the world. Yes I may not have went out but I did work on stuff that I’ve been putting off for a while and I’m proud of myself for that. 🙂


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  1. That’s too much work for a sick night. That’s more like a work from home night. But if it makes you feel good that you accomplished things, that is what is important.

    My problem with writing is that I love creating characters and plotting story ideas. But then I feel like I’ve already told the story in my head and actually working on it is no where near as fun.

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