My grandpa asked me the other day what my thing in comedy was. Some people make faces he said, what do you do?

To be honest, I don’t do anything really I just do a lot of listening and learning. I like to base much of my stand up routine in reality and just my opinions of certain topics and some things that I have observed which I think is pretty obvious but apparently not many people have.

I’ve always had a funny outlook on life, I remember clearly in high school my friends enjoyed my “observations.” I would just state what I thought were obvious things and they would get a kick out of them. It is just something I have always done.

Comedy I won’t say comes naturally to me because it is pretty hard writing jokes but you never realize what is happening to you, like life experiences, is actually funny and could make great jokes or stories to tell.

Anyone can do comedy if they just paid more attention to what was going on around them and how funny things and life is.

As the great Van Wilder once said: “Don’t take life too seriously, you’ll never get out alive.”


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