25 Days of Christmas!

I haven’t been in a cheerful spirit as of late. I blame car accidents for the most part. But to keep my spirits and yours up I have decided to blog until Christmas time. I am going to try and make them all at least a little bit Christmas related. I just decided this now, two minutes ago, so I apologize if this first one is the best.

I am that person that tries to ignore any and everything Christmas until December 1st. I scoff at stores that begin decorating before Thanksgiving and make negative comments about people that put up their tree THE DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING. But when December 1st rolls around I EXPLODE with the Christmas spirit from within. Today or tonight I did just that but listening to arguably the best Christmas album ever. Forget Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Mariah Carey, for me it is all about one band and one band only: Hanson.


Hanson’s “Snowed In” is my FAVORITE Christmas album ever. It may very well be because they have been my favorite band since 1997 but recently, the past few years they haven’t been my favorite band but their Christmas album still remains number one. I love their covers of “What Christmas Means to Me” and “Little Saint Nick” and even their originals like “At Christmas” are pretty awesome. Even if you aren’t a fan of “MMMBop” or them in general, the Christmas cheer and energy in this record just gets you in the Christmas mood. And they end the record with a great family bit after singing “White Christmas.” And that is was Christmas is all about. Family.

What jumpstarts your Christmas spirit? A certain film or song? Or are you that family that puts up your tree the day after Thanksgiving? I’m not judging! Just curious to know!



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2 responses to “25 Days of Christmas!

  1. My Christmas movie/song list is growing insanely long already, but I would definitely recommend the She & Him Christmas album. It’s already a classic.

  2. I agree with waiting until Dec 1st to start most Christmas stuff. I am not so concerned with the tree going up the day after Thanksgiving. It is a way better way to spend Black Friday. Stay home, stay off the streets, stay away from people acting insane. And, there are three days to work on it before you have to go back to work again. So it is a good time to change the inside decorations.

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