Day Three: Realistic Christmas List.

While Christmas isn’t just about receiving gifts, you can’t really help but think a little about it. Also, I love shopping for gifts more than receiving them. But, everyone has their letters to Santa and Christmas lists are are a few items that are at the top of my Christmas list.

1. A New Computer – I used to love Sony Vaios. The one I prior to my current Vaio was excellent but lacked a video camera and I was about to study abroad so I had to get a new one to skype and such. I should have just got a video camera instead of an entirely new computer because this one has been giving me nothing but problems. I’m afraid I’m going to become something I thought I would never be: a Mac user. I really want a Macbook because I’ve heard nothing but praise and they last years. So I think it is time for a change.

2. A Camera – This isn’t a priority but it would be nice to get a new point and shoot. Nothing particularly fancy, just one with a good zoom and night shot option for concerts. My Canon Powershot still works pretty well but it’s becoming a little obsolete. If I don’t get one for Christmas I may buy one in the summer, but it isn’t a huge priority yet.

3. Money – I hate asking for money. Just because I feel like it is such an adult thing and a cop out thing to ask for. But, as much as I hate to admit it, I am pretty much an adult now and I pay rent, car insurance, need to actually pay for a new car, so I do need it. What can you do?

Those are my “big gifts” if I just get a new computer or money thought I will be content. It would also be nice if I get The Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling, The Hunger Games on DVD and Men in Black 3 on DVD too. Just sayin’.

What are some gifts you are asking for Santa?


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