Day Four: Unrealistic Christmas List!

Yesterday I gave you my realistic Christmas list. Here are some things that I want that I am a little less likely to receive this Christmas.

1. A new car, preferably Camaro or Corvette – After ten years of loveliness, my neon is gone. He didn’t take too well to California, it was the beginning of the end for him.mso I would like my dream cars, apparently I’m a dude because I love those fancy sports cars. All regular cars are ugly.

2. An Agent – I have been living out here a little over a year, sent out hundreds of mailers, but still am agent-less. Yeah, it would be nice to get one so I can get my career started.

3. A Dunkin Donuts in the LA areaP – You can’t imagine how many donut places LA has and you cannot imagine how infuriated I am that none of them are Dunkin. I MISS IT SO MUCH.

4. George Clooney’s job in Up in the Air – I’m not the most compassionate person so I definitely would not mind firing people if I got to travel everywhere. That or a travel journalist would be excellent. Or just a job where I get paid to live and do nothing in particular.

5. Moonshoes – I have asked for these every year since I can remember and never received them. I still really, really want them I just hope they still have my size.

6. An entire Free People store – This time of year Free People is just on point and I want to buy everything in the store. Unfortunately, I’m poor so I can’t afford one thing let alone everything.

7. A maid – Because my roommate and I are always too busy to clean and I’m getting sick of cleaning.

8. The ability to be funny without even trying. – Life would be so much easier and writing and just doing everything would be.

What are some of your unrealistic Christmas list items?


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