Things That Make Me Feel Happy.

Lately I have been feeling really down. Sometimes you feel moody other times you do unintentionally hurt people because you’re grouchy and thus prolonging grouchiness but now double time for you and the person. But life goes on, you cannot keep living in the past regretting the mistakes you’ve made. It’s too late, you have made them so no point wasting time regretting. Instead enjoy the little things in life that make you feel happy and who knows the sunshine make chase those grouchy clouds away. I know it was a cheesy metaphor, but oh well! Here’s some things that make me happy.

1. This clip:

Seeing Jennifer Lawrence meet Jack Nicholson for the first time just makes me heart BURST over and over again. The innocent hitting on you back-ness that Jennifer Lawrence does back to him is exactly what any 20-something girl’s meeting Jack dream. At least mine. He is one of my favorite people in the world.

2. Going to the gym. – I’ve noticed lately a drastic change in my emotions and personality if I skip the gym for a week. If I liked science I would totally start researching working out compared to taking prescription medication, not that I take prescription medication, but I would argue working out is healthier than using drugs for depression. Actually I don’t even have to get into science because studies have been done, homie peep this: here. It makes me less grouchy and so much happier, you feel less stressed and everything. The key is going there all the time though. That whole “I don’t wanna go to the gym” feeling never goes away for me. But fight it!

3. Performing – Well this kind of counts. This is a kind of double-edged sword thing. If I rock a stand up I am crazy jazzed, insanely happy adrenaline rush, just a bouncy ball of happiness. But if I don’t think I did even 80% I get pissed at myself. You’re your own worst critic you know? Fortunately I’d say 4 our of 5 performances I am on it. But sometimes when you perform when you’re sick you might suck, shit happens.

4. Puppies.


So there’s my mini list. Literally I just watched that clip on silent because my computer at work has no speakers and it’s still incredible. I also like money, vacations, and surprise texts/pictures from old friends. Those are just a few, what are some things that make you happy?


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  1. working out makes me happy too!!! and so do puppies 😀

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