March Favorites!

March is nearly done, well in ten more days, here are some things I have been loving this month!

1. Workaholics – I discovered this show thanks to my friend when I was in Chicago for a week and holy moley it is SO FUNNY. I used to hate telemarketers, now I just want to get a job as one so I can smoke and drink afterwards. I might be kidding…but might not be. It’s also just a great 20 something show because they reference a lot of shows and pop culture things I love or loved as a child.

2. The Killers’ “Flesh and Bone” – I have recently become obsessed with this song alone. Coming home from work one day I literally listened to it 6 times in a row. I don’t know why, oh wait, yes I do, it’s because it is The Killers and I just love them. I wouldn’t say Battle Born is my favorite album of theirs but this song is just awesome.

3. Chewy Granola Bars – Basically these guys are on my “favorites for life” list. I have loved them since I was little and my mom used to buy them. Fortunately, at Coscos, they know what’s up and only include chocolate chip and peanut butter, and while I do miss the s’mores flavor a little that oatmeal raisin one stunk and these are the two best. They’re great for when you have a little sugar craving and instead of going for something huge these are only like 100 calories and do the trick.

4. Running – Spring has sprung in Southern California and while I am not a huge fan of running my heart skips a beat now this time of year. Everything is in bloom, you smell the honeysuckles as you jog by, it’s not super hot but still sunny and nice. PERFECT RUNNING WEATHER. Seriously, I think the people that creating running or jogging for exercise created it during the Spring.

That’s all for now, what are some of your favorites this month?



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3 responses to “March Favorites!

  1. 1. Never heard of it. Looks amusing. I should find if anyone is streaming it after it airs.
    2. My musical obsession right now is Hollywood Undead’s ‘Dead Bite’.
    3. Yuck. You can have them.

  2. 1. Google “project free tv” they have every show and movie everrrr.
    2. Cool, gotta look them up!
    3. Really?! I’ve never met someone that didn’t like granola bars.
    4. Plantar Fasciitis? What’s that?

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