Sweaty Survey.

I saw this survey on Life is Bangin’ and it looked like fun so I decided to fill it out.

1. Which are you more responsive to during a workout: positive encouragement or peer pressure?
Peer pressure. Usually in spin class if I’m next to another girl I try to race with them. Or if I’m in a body pump class I make sure to get the heaviest weights or the heaviest compared to other girls my size. It really pushes you to work under pressure.

2. What’s something on your fitness bucket list?
A triathalon definitely. Also even a marathon. Not sure if any of these will happen in the near future but I have ran a few 5ks, hopefully next year I’ll run a 10k and then move up from there.

3. Would you rather be in a group fitness class that’s overwhelmingly crowded or awkwardly empty?
Awkwardly empty. I’d rather have some space then be squished and uncomfortable. Plus it’s never really that awkward unless it’s just you and the trainer.

4. Rank these activities in order of your preference/interest (favorite to least favorite): running, Zumba, yoga, Cross Fit, swimming, hiking, biking, pilates, kickboxing, sports that involve balls, spinning, weight lifting.
I’ve never taken Cross Fit so I’m not going to include it.
Swimming, running, weight lifting, spinning, pilates, hiking, biking, sports that involve balls, kickboxing, yoga, and zumba. Basically I love all of them up to biking so they were all hard to categorize. I love swimming but I hardly do it but it is the most fun.

5. Would you rather work out next to someone with major B.O. or someone who grunts constantly?
Someone who grunts constantly, I can just put my iPod on and won’t have to hear it. B.O. is a lot harder to cover up.

6. What’s your standard workout wear? (T-shirt/tank top, shorts/capris?)
Usually a t-shirt with a sports bra under it and capris/pants. I don’t have many shorts.

7. Favorite post-workout snack?
I usually work out in the morning before breakfast so afterwards I’ll make a smoothie or have some granola, berries, honey, and greek yogurt OR if I’m doing a night workout I have dinner after and it’s usually a salad with a crumbled veggie burger or fish or something like that.

8. Which are your strongest muscles? Most neglected?
My calves are super strong part genetics because of my dad part working out. But my arms are always first to show signs of getting toned. Most neglected is probably my flutes or even back I used to be hardcore into deadlifts when I worked out with my brother but ever since I moved I haven’t had many great back workouts.

9. Would you rather be trained by Jillian Michaels or Bob Harper? (Or a favorite celeb trainer of your choice!)
I don’t really know either of them. Just any trainer that would kick my butt. Harvey from Celebrity Fit Club, hahaha.

10. What’s one thing you’ve learned about fitness or your body in the last year?
Muscles have memory but fat does too. So if I really want to get in shape I really have to stick to it because once I slack the tone disappears. But also a huge part of that is eating right, I really need to curb my sweet tooth.


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