Sick Daze.

Sorry guys for the lack of blogs. I honestly was going HAM at the gym for a few weeks and was going to post an workout related post but then I got sick and…it hasn’t been fun. I lost my voice now and it sucks. I’m not the type of person that just inhales television shows in a few hours but my sickness has kind of forced me to do this. My latest addiction? Sherlock!

2014-06-04 18.23.02

I’ve been a big fan of Sherlock Holmes since I was younger. Hound of the Baskervilles is one of my favorite books (though I wasn’t too keen on the episode they did of it). But still this is so good! Way better than those Robert Downey Jr. movies. I love RDJ but they make him out as a physical superhero and no…that’s not his super power, it’s his brain man!

Another thing I’ve been consuming a lot of? Soup. Just because I’m sick. It’s okay. I like soup but now I’m kind of sick of it.

2014-06-04 18.23.19

I’ve also been reading a lot but I haven’t been too fond of any books lately. Here’s a new batch from the library, hopefully some are good. But if you have any good recommendations let me know!

2014-06-04 18.28.45

So how are you guys doing?


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