Favorite Podcasts.

Hey guys, recently I took a job where I’m listening to podcasts a lot. Basically they prevent my brain from becoming mush as I do the tedious, inane, chores of my job. (Can you tell I am LOVING my job?). Anyhoo, when I first began working at there I went on a large search hunting for the best podcasts and here’s my top favorites.

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 8.01.54 PM

1. Serial – Yup, I’m one of the many members of the Serial cult. I eat my Serial every morning at work. We follow a murder that took place in 1999. Adnan is currently in jail for killing his ex-girlfriend. But did he actually do it? Each week you learn more and more about the case and how wrong the cops were and how the investigation was but…who knows they might’ve been right? Hopefully we’ll find out!

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2. Nerdist – This is basically an in depth interview podcast hosted by Chris Hardwick. Similar to the WTF podcast with Marc Maron, which I also like, but…I seem to like this one more. It could be the stellar guests like John Cleese, Kevin Smith, and Jason Schwartzman to name a few recent ones or just Hardwick’s vibe. He seems super energetic and invested in each interview, he makes it more of a chat but still fanboys out about certain movie roles and pop culture things which makes you relate to him that much more.

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 8.01.39 PM

3. Doug Loves Movies – One part game show, one part casual chatting with guests and both parts super fun and entertaining! Doug Benson has 3-4 guests on competing in movie-themed trivia games or just fun games like Love, Like, Hate, Hate-Like (movies that you love, like, etc starring a person) to the Leonard Maltin trivia game. You start playing along at home/work, I sure do!

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 8.00.33 PM

4. Improv4Humans – An improv show as a podcast! Matt Besser, one of the founders of Upright Citizens Brigade, hosts the show as he and his guests (UCB regulars like Eugene Cordero and Billy Merritt or special celebrity guests like Adam McKay) improvise scenes based off of one word suggestions from twitter, a youtube video, an answer to a question from twitter, and more. Super entertaining and if even you’re not into improv you sure will be after you listen to these funny bits!

Some other honorable mentions are Call Chelsea Peretti, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, Ask Me Another, This American Life, Smodcast with Kevin Smith, and The WTF Podcast with Marc Maron.

What are some of your favorites?


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