Shows I Miss

I love TV. I’m not a crazy addict like some people but I do enjoy some shows. Thanks to Netflix I’ve been feeling a little nostalgic for some shows I loved when they were on the air and here’s a few of my old favorites:


1. Scrubs – Scrubs is my all-time favorite show (not including SNL). Whenever I’m feeling sad and need to either cry some more or to laugh it off I’ll watch this show. Certain episodes for certain moods. “My Lunch” is my cry episode though for sure. The series finale (not including that Scrubs: Interns season because it was garbage) was perfect. It was just a great show for everything and the cast was great.


2. Charmed – I was and still am into 30 minute comedies more so than the hour long dramas but Charmed was the major exception. I watched it with my mom every night it was on. Sure it was a little silly magic-wise with all of those creatures, but it was all in good fun. As a young girl it was great to watch a show with three strong female heroines. Sure the last few seasons got a little wonky but noting beats the OG Power of Three.


3. That 70’s Show – Similar to Scrubs I still love watching this show when I need a laugh. It is hard choosing one favorite character because everyone is great. You get in character moods like now I’m feeling silly so my current favorite is Kelso — or if I’m feeling like I’m struggling a bit with life stuff my favorite will be Eric, etc. Even though it was based in the 70’s you still related to everything — the 70’s really didn’t matter much either it was kind of a red herring (not to be confused with Red Foreman ohhhh). Still a great show.

Those are some of my favorites what are yours?



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2 responses to “Shows I Miss

  1. Those are all solid choices! I think I miss Friends the most.

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