Combating Sadness #1: Become a Yes Man

I know it can be extremely difficult to not be sad lately — whether you’re dealing with personal issues or just troubled with our society — it is rough. I know I have been dealing with struggling to just not be sad and get lost in my own thoughts and I have found one way to avoid that: become a Yes Man.

You may be familiar with the book or movie with the same name where the man just changes his life by saying yes to literally everything — I don’t mean go that excessive. I mean to just push yourself more, when you see opportunities for fun new projects you’d like to do or work — just do it. What could go wrong? Sure you may struggle with one project or maybe one won’t turn out as good as the others but at least you’re trying them and doing all of them and, most importantly, you’re keeping busy and not worrying or getting sad!

When you are busy focusing on other things — especially work with deadlines — you have no time to worry about all the negativity in the world or in your life. You’re worried about finishing the project and making it as best as you can make it.

What if there are no projects or work? Make it! I found myself lately just creating more work and projects for myself because I had extra time and I wanted to challenge myself. I work very well under pressure so creating a bunch of projects helps me. I know some people when they juggle work and tons of projects the results are sloppy — make sure you are doing projects you love and enjoy and that should avoid the sloppiness. It’s like extra credit in school — did you care about it if it was a subject that didn’t matter or if you didn’t need that extra credit to help with your grade? No? So then you didn’t do it or did it very lazily right? But if you care about the projects and enjoy doing them you are going to do as best of a job as you can do.

Being a Yes Man can be very intimidating and nerve-racking but in the end it’ll be worth it and you’ll be so proud of what you’ve accomplished.


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