Bucket List

1. Get a pilot license.
2. Get a scuba license.
3. Drive a motorcycle.
4. Travel the world.
5. Shoot at a shooting range.
6. Learn a different language completely.
7. Win on a game show.
8. Love in an elevator.
9. Go on a blind date.
10. Swim with dolphins.
11. Learn how to drive stick shift.
12. Go to the airport, with no destination in mind, get on the first available plane.
13. Volunteer in a third world country.
14. Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.
15. Participate in a triathalon.
16. Run a 5k.
17. Run a 10k.
18. Run a marathon.
19. Get a tattoo.
20. Bungee jump.
21. Fly first class.
22. Join the mile high club.
23. Get published.
24. Learn how to surf.
25. Visit all the seven wonders of the world.
26. Finish the 1001 book to read before you die.
27. Finish the 1001 places to see before you die.
28. Break a world record.
29. Eat a tarantula like on Bizarre foods.
30. Crash a wedding.
31. Do a voiceover for The Simpsons.
32. Get backstage for a concert.
33. Sit front row for Fashion Week.
34. Visit every state in the United States.


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