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Love what you do.

Hey guys, the year is almost over, how the hell did it happen? Who knows. Anyway, this year has been tumultuous — to describe it in one word. Lots of shit went down personally and just world-wise. Ultimately, you have to focus on the good and what makes you feel good, for me? It’s stand up comedy.

I’m not sure if you guys are familiar with my like “story” but I’m from NJ and I moved to LA to do comedy. I started out doing improv, did some in NYC, but right now I’m focusing on stand up and writing online sketches. Sure I could’ve started in NYC…but I’m dumb and also I just wanted to live somewhere warm, so I mainly started out here. It can be a struggle booking shows, writing material, and just being consistent but man, do I love it.

Everyone has a different journey to happiness. Sometimes are family driven — they work a boring day job but have a family and spend all the time in the world with them. Some are career driven — they just focus on work. Some are just life experience driven — they work but spend their money on doing stuff like traveling and seeing the world. And, some people are just extremely lucky and are all three. I think no matter how much I want to find love (I mean doesn’t anyone?) I am a see-saw in between the life experience and career driven. I love traveling but also, I love stand up comedy.

There has been many a night where I feel shitty and sad because I’ve been working all day and I don’t want to go to an open mic or a show I’m on, I’m just feeling unfunny and not good, but I push myself. I push myself to go and then 9 times out of 10 I feel 1000% times better for doing so. Why? Because man, nothing feels better than just making a room laugh. You write something that’s all you, you perform it, and people love it and laugh at it — it’s like seeing your baby thrive, you know? Jokes are my babies. I struggle a lot at mics and with the idea of me losing my funny but it is like the universe knows when you feel shitty because right when you’re super low you have a killer set and feel like you’re on top of the world again.

It’s not even just that, sometimes it’s just surrounding yourself with great people that do what you do. I have other friends that don’t do comedy and they’re great and I love them, but sometimes you just need your comedy friends. It’s such a relief to just riff about comedy specials or discuss ideas for bits with people that just fucking know and relate to it. We’re the same type of person, we don’t have to explain why we like comedy or why we started doing it — we just know and get each other. We don’t even have to be talking about comedy all the time (but honestly we do pretty frequently) but just being with each other it is a certain level of comfort. We get each other without ever announcing it, you know?

I feel very, very lucky to be apart of such a cool community like this. In a way, I have automatic built in friends. I just went on a hike with someone yesterday who I’ve never seen do a set but because we were both comics we were like “yeah of course we’ll hang and be friends” it is just like that sometimes.

In a way, I have no clue what it is like being a normal adult. I work a day job with some other comics, then at night I go to mics and shows up until 2am sometimes. I’ll write in between or have a night focused on that. But right now my life is comedy. Some days I wish it wasn’t, some days I wish I was fine settling in NJ with some dude and creating a family while at work at the hospital as a receptionist but man…how boring would that be? Sure I would definitely be saving money and I could be traveling more but is that what life fulfillment is supposed to be? Waiting on the next vacation after the next? I want something everyday that’ll excite me, that’ll motivate me. As much as it stresses me out, I love doing comedy. It makes me feel like I’m doing something with my life even though honestly I’m just telling poop jokes on stage. I guess some people have hobbies that make them happy in their daily lives, I have no time, it’s just comedy. And you know what? I don’t think I would have it any other way.

Your life is what you make of it, make sure you’re doing something with your life that you love and the happiness will just follow through.


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