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How to not be sad in a sad world.

I know times are tough. I know the election didn’t really pan out the right way and so many people are scared and sad. I know that social media nowadays is a downer and people are starting fights left and right. I know there are so many important issues that shouldn’t be ignored and that’s why social media is sad and angry. But there are ways you can stick up for your cause and what you believe in without getting sad, or at least not let the bad guy win and make you feel awful but fight it. Kill them with kindness is what they say right?

  1. Fight On – Why not turn your sadness into anger or into motivation to proverbially kick the bad guy’s ass? With the constant bad and bad news comes more and more protests. More fighting for what you believe in. Seriously check your Facebook events to see where there is a protest near you. There were many this past week at airports because of the Muslim Ban. If you still can’t find any protests write and call and write and call. You can even fax your representatives and senators on your phone for free here: Representatives: https://faxzero.com/fax_congress.php Senators: https://faxzero.com/fax_senate.php And here’s a way you can call them: https://www.niacaction.org/call-congress-stop-discrimination-based-on-national-origin-religious-beliefs/ Don’t be down, GET EVEN, FIGHT!
  2. Get Away – It’s extremely important to fight for your rights but sometimes it’s just a lot too deal with. Sometimes it’s best to distract yourself and get away for a little bit. Take a little vacation. I just went to Mexico for a week and it was great. But you don’t have to plan a big vacation like that, just take a weekend trip somewhere, or even just have a staycation and veg out on some movies but DON’T use any social media. Sometimes it’s great to give your mind a break from all the stresses going on in the world. Whether you’re exploring another country or a new book, it’ll be worth it just to relax for a little.
  3. Spend Time with People that Matter and Ones that WON’T ARGUE WITH YOU– Friends and family are THE most important right now but make sure they’re the right ones. I love my parents  very much but I cannot really talk to them much right now because they don’t really understand what’s going on right now. My mom voted for Hillary but my dad did not vote. My mom only voted for Hillary because I yelled at her to. When I tried to explain the Muslim Ban and green cards she asked “why don’t they just get citizenships?” as if it’s that easy. It’s tough time right now but just hang out with friends and people that know you and agree with your opinion of what’s going on. You guys probably won’t talk about it, you guys may just joke around during drinks, but at least you’re on the same side. At least there’s not that lingering of “I like you but you don’t understand/don’t agree” in the air. Just try to have fun, it’s still possible even for just a night. Go dancing! Karaoke! Or bowling! Just something that’ll distract you.
  4. Exercise – I know you might think this is a silly suggestion but it truly does work. Listen to a podcast — not a serious one! Or some great music like Nicki Minaj and go for a run. It’ll distract you for a little bit, maybe even amp you up, and you’ll feel good after. Exercise releases endorphins which help for depressing times like these. Plus you’ll get in shape, too!

Those are just some options you can do. What are some activities you like to do to distract you or activities that make you happy when you’re feeling down because of current events or even personal events for you?


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