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So you want to start working out?

I know we’re almost into the third month of the year, how’s your resolutions stacking up? Are you hitting the gym? What?! Not yet!?! You want to start but you’re scared/too lazy/don’t know how to? Here, let me help.

Make a Schedule – It’s really easy to say you’re going to do something and not do it BUT if you write it in your planner your tune may change. I always like to keep a to-do list everyday. Some of the tasks I know I’m going to do no matter what — like “gym” but hey it always does feel really nice crossing something off a list. Especially because some of the other tasks may be more difficult/may not get crossed off. Write it in your schedule, plan to go after/before work or at lunch like me.

Take Classes – I know the gym can be pretty intimidating. When I first started going I would go with my brother which made it really easy because working out with another person is so fun and less stressful. But then I moved out here and had to start working out solo. As a girl it can be extra difficult doing weights and such because dudes usually take those areas over and even though now I’m pretty comfortable with working out with a bunch of meathead guys, if you’re just dipping your toes in you don’t want to be scared off. I got back into the swing of things  by taking classes. There are plenty of classes for nearly anything — weight training? Take body pump. Cardio? Oh man so many like cycling and zumba. Also working out with a group of people motivates you and pushes you to keep going. I’ve noticed when I work out solo I kind of slack because nobody is watching me, and although nobody is watching you in the class either you still have that idea that you have to keep up with everyone and that pushes you to work out harder.

Research – Starting to work out can also be overwhelming. I mean you have so many body parts and muscles and there is so much equipment and exercise routines — where do you start? Maybe figure out what you want to work on first. First figure out what exactly or why exactly you’re working out — health? lose weight? competition? all of the above? — and then narrow it down by body part. Since you already have a schedule thanks to listening to my first suggestion, just split up what you want to do one what day. Maybe Monday you’ll do legs, Tuesday arms, Wednesday back, etc. Research some exercise routines so you know exactly where to go at the gym.

What is it that they say? If you do this more than three times you develop a habit? Just push yourself to go to the gym three times, then once you’ve done that do three more days, then three more. Soon it’ll be as automatic and common as brushing your teeth.


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Heat up your workout.

I know, it is hot out. Very hot. So sure stay in bed a little longer, enjoy the AC, but don’t avoid that workout man! You may not want to run outside but there’s other alternatives you can do.

1. Swim – Swimming is the most fun anyway! Why not go to your local pool and try to do some laps. If it’s too packed just tread water, do some flips, maybe try even run in the water. Or go to the gym and do the laps there. Or the ocean! Nothing is more difficult then trying to swim sideways in the ocean but it’s a great workout and hopefully you’ll get a tan.

2. Wake up early! – Now I know I said sleep in, but sometimes you have to push yourself to wake up and I promise it’ll be worth it. Those early morning hikes show you some of nature’s beauty! Starting your day off early with a run kind of rejuvenates and re-energizes you for the day. Plus, doing it early means you don’t have to worry about it later.

3. Hide out in the Gym – The gym has AC so there’s no point making that excuse “it’s too hot out to go to the gym” it makes no sense! Go, take your classes, and enjoy your favorite workouts.

What are some tips you do?

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The gym is my therapist.

As of late, suffice it to say my life hasn’t been the best. I’m truly sorry for this sudden splurge of posts that barely balance on that line of depressing yet uplifting. But, like in the writer’s block post, I’m writing to write and exercise my brain so hopefully some good stuff falls out.

Speaking of exercise though, let’s focus on that. Going to the gym has become a great trend as of late which is excellent, strong is the new skinny and I am glad as a society we’re heading in that direction. My thoughts on the gym and working out? I love it.

Exercise not only assists in making your body the best it could be (well it’s like 20% working out 80% eating right, but still) but it also releases endorphins and just makes you happy which is something I’ve definitely been in need of.

2014-09-15 13.31.27

There’s not much in my life that I can depend on but on the top of the dependable list is the gym and exercise. It’s always there when I need it when I’m feeling sad, angry, or just really itching to run, it’s there. It relaxes me and puts my mind at ease, even if it’s for just an hour or so a day I’m there, it helps. Constant racing of the mind is just..not the best.

It’s therapeutic. I don’t have health insurance and can’t afford a therapist plus why go to one when they just listen to your problems? I’d rather not discuss my problems and do something else to put the worry and problems at bay. The gym is the best therapist I’ve had. We don’t talk and stress, we just work.

Not only that but it’s something I can control. Much of life, even if it’s yours, you really can’t control it. You can’t really control if your application is going to shine through the 1000’s submitted, you can’t control whether you’re going to make a bucketload of tips twisting balloons, you can’t control if you’re going to run into Mr. Right at the bar, but you can control your exercise. You want to do weights? A Class? Running? Pick whatever you want. As someone who is definitely a person that likes to be in as much control and as organized as possible, the gym definitely helps me.

2014-09-15 13.27.51

I’m not one for posting selfies at the gym, so that’s why I took shitty photos. The last one is me post Body Pump class today while we were stretching. It’s a terrible photo but hey, you look like shit working out anyway, why would I want to display a close up photo of me?

Exercise is also something I’m good at. Lately, I’ve been in search of my funny again, worried about whether I’m the worst improviser, whether I’m not a good worker, whether I am getting more and more dumb because I haven’t been doing any “smart” work, but one thing I don’t worry about is how much I can squat or how much I can run. Not to say I am the best exerciser or runner or weight lifter but I’m not the worst and my muscles will grow and I can get better and better. It’s not like the jobs I’ve been getting lately where I can’t grow and stuck at a weird entry level position. Sure, they’re so different, but aren’t they kind of the same too?

If I didn’t have a gym membership who knows if I’d be here right now, this may be dramatic to say but I can argue that it has saved my life.

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Working out changes.

Working out is difficult to keep up, you get lazy, there’s a lot of different pies and television shows that exist to try and keep you from working out, but in the end there are many more pros than cons towards working out. One pro is all the changes you and your body goes through, here’s a few.

1. Seeing the Change. – Do spin class or running, you will see your legs become more firm and stronger. I love working out because even if I take some time off your muscles have memory. I worked out pretty well in 2012 but I have been lacking in 2013, at least in January, but February I was back at it. Within a few days my muscles became tighter and stronger just like 2012, because they remembered! I could still rock some mean dead lifts because my muscles remembered! Just remember though, miss working out for a bit and they will become flabby again. Keep at it and your body will improve and get stronger and stronger. It’s awesome.

2. Feel the Change. – After a workout, you may feel sore but it’s a great soreness, you earned it. You also feel better, exercise releases endorphins so you’ll become happier. You will also feel stronger too. I know whenever I’m angry or moody I take it out in the gym, afterwards I just feel so much better. It is a huge stress releaser.

3. Hear the Change. – Nothing makes you feel great about yourself more than other people noticing. Peer pressure and worrying about what people think about you is a huge issue going on in our generation. So when someone notices if you have been working out and getting more fit and mention it to you, it just makes you feel awesome. At least it does for me. Little things like people saying “boom calf muscle!” on my facebook picture makes me feel good and proud about myself and my work at the gym.

What are some things you enjoy about working out?

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The Week before New Years Eve.

It’s now December 26th and the cookies, eggnog, and pies and delicious dinners have all been consumed. Yeah you’re going to have a lot of leftovers but slow it down okay? You gotta look great for New Years Eve!

Here’s some ideas you should do to go back to the healthy living grind.

1. Give all those leftovers to your relatives. – You’ve eaten enough sweets already, give the rest to your Grandpa or brother who will be happy and more than willingly to consume all of those fatty delicious meals. If you don’t give them away they’re either going to go to waste or you’re going to eat them.

2. Gym it up! – You realize after January 1st that gym is going to be madness right? All of those New Years resolution people are going to be stealing your spot in your gym class, hogging up the treadmills. Best to get a head start before you curse them all.

3. Run your errands! – Now I know there’s going to be some presents you don’t like and need to return well, do it! Keeping busy and on the go helps you stay in shape, even if you’re going to be waiting in line for a while.

4. Solidify Plans! – If you haven’t cemented your NYE plans with your friends you better start hopping to it or else it’ll be too late and the tickets will be sold out and you’ll be stuck at your local crappy bar slightly overdressed.

That’s about it, and also make sure you have an outfit! Hopefully you have one already, I sure do! I’m pretty pumped hope you guys are! Hope you all had a great Christmas too!

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Getting Pumped for Fitness #3

I’ve been going to the gym a lot lately and the past week it’s been for this reason:

#3 Take it out on the treadmill!

Stressed at work? Getting really mad and annoyed about it? Don’t just drive around sulking or go home and eat the whole kitchen, take it out at the gym! You may not like the treadmill, that’s fine, do weights or whatever you usually do. Recently I’ve been rocking the treadmill running at least 4 miles. I’ve also just began a job I really, really dislike. So, I pack my clothes and go to the gym straight from work. It is such a great stress reliever and because exercise releases endorphins it makes me feel a lot happier after no matter how shitty work tries to make me feel.

So there you go, if you’re ever angry or stressed or just not feeling yourself, just go to the gym, it’ll pay off in the end.

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Motivation to hit the gym.

Lately I have been slacking with exercise. Yes it is true some days I have just been crazy busy traveling but other days like yesterday I was just too lazy to go and today it was like pulling teeth but I finally did hit up my spin class. Mainly because it was my favorite instructor and I haven’t been to this particular class in a while. My question is, what inspires you to go for a run, go to your favorite class, or just go to the gym in general? For me it is usually just a few set of questions.

1. What else is there to do? Today I was procrastinating packing by zoning out on the computer. So, nothing much.

2. If there is something to do, can’t it wait an hour? Usually classes are an hour max and usually I am not doing something super urgent that it needs to be done right now.

3. Will I regret not going to the gym? Usually the answer is always yes.

4. What would (someone else) do? Lately I have been inspired to go to the gym by celebrities like Juliette Lewis and Olivia Wilde. Come on, who doesn’t have like body envy for certain celebs? Instead of getting mad that I’m not like them I use it to push myself to go to the gym in hopes I will be as fit as them one day. They probably wouldn’t skip the gym to zone out on the computer.

5. Did I go yesterday?/What are my plans for the rest of the week? Sometimes you do need a break and if I need to skip a day because I have been going non-stop then I totally will. But this week wasn’t a gym-intense week.

Those are just a few along with some quotes I do live by when in need of motivation for working out and just live in general. But we will get to them in another post. Til then, see you at the gym! (My spin class is actually starting right now, haha.)

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