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Combating Sadness #2: Get some Hobbies.

So we went over just saying yes to more work projects but how about some fun? Do that too! Every time I join a fun group or start a fun activity it makes me feel so much happier. What are some good ways to have fun?

  1. Start a book club! – With a resurgence of books to movies/shows this is the perfect time to have some of your friends join in with a book club! I just started one with a few friends because of Big Little Lies — that HBO series was SO GOOD, did you know it was originally a book? Next up in our club — The Handmaid’s Tale! It’s also a great way to just get back into reading.
  2. Outdoor activities! – It’s May already! The weather is getting nicer and nicer, how about go for some hikes or if it’s warm go for a swim! Sunshine is known to make you feel happy what with this dispensing of Vitamin D.  Just make sure you apply some sunscreen or else that happy time can turn into a painful one.
  3. Plan a Trip! – Summertime is also known as the perfect time to go on some fun vacations. Plan a beach getaway or visit another country and immerse yourself in their culture. Trips are so much fun because they literally are an escape from your day to day life and there’s so many pro’s — you meet new people, you learn new things, you have so much fun — the only negative is just saving up some time off and money for them.
  4. More clubs! — I mentioned book club because that’s what I do but there are so many others that you can sign up for or create — a running club, a sewing club, a writing club — try going to meetup.com and see if they have any fun meetups and clubs near you.

Here’s just a few ideas, what are some of your hobbies or activities that you like to do to distract yourself from getting mopey?


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Vacation is the Enemy?

Vacations are hard. I know that statement may seem a little silly but they really are. All year, every week, you’re at the gym working hard to stay fit but once vacation starts it is like temptation everywhere! Who knew this guy is actually the enemy?


But seriously Disneyland/Walt Disney World are arguably the happiest places on the planet but they really aren’t too happy on your healthy eating habits. Sure you can rock some Dole Whip but how can you pass up ice cream from Ghirdelli square? I sure can’t.


My question to you guys is how do you do it? Because I fail with vacations like hardcore. I’ll order dessert, eat massive sandwiches, snack on churros, I just don’t know how to say no. And I skip the gym. I mean you’re standing and waiting in line at Dismey so that counts…right?

Tell me how you guys handle vacations. Do you use the fitness facilities at the hotel and nosh on some salads? Or do you crash and burn like me?

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