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Stop Worrying!

A lot of times before I start a post on here I already have an idea of what to write but this time I skimmed some previous posts to see what I should focus on. From reading previous posts it looks a lot that I worry a lot — and I do. Whether it is worrying about ending something, the future, writer’s block, it is just constant worry. Constant worry of aging and what is to come, too. Re-reading all of them just makes me worried about myself and how much I worry! So, to balance it out, let’s talk about ways to not worry and not stress.

1. Be positive and optimistic – I know it can be incredibly hard especially when the bad stuff feels very bad. You have to look at what you have – your heath, a home, a roommate that you don’t start shit with, friends that care, parents that are the greatest and most supportive in the world – some people don’t have any of that. Start with that. I like to focus on my health and how much I love working out and how proud of myself I am for coming so far with that. I used to be lazy and it took a while to get fit, but now here I am. I used to work out a lot with my brother and I know he’d be pretty proud of me.

2. Distract yourself – See all those positive things you have? Use them to distract yourself! Go hang out with your friends, go for a run, call your mom! Well…maybe calling your mom will make you worry more, haha, but the others won’t! Have fun and live in the present. If you want to go trampolining today that won’t fuck up your future, if anything it’ll make you more happy for it.

3. Plan it out – If something really is worrying you that much that it’s eating away at you plan it out or talk to it head on. Sometimes this may make you worry more though but if it’s something like sorting out a schedule or something you could benefit from it. Just don’t get carried away and still try to think positive!

Those are some things you can do, what do you do to stop worrying?


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